OCCCC provides cablecasting equipment to Orion Neighborhood Television for cablecasting Orion Township Board, Lake Orion Village Council, and Lake Orion Community School Board meetings, acts as a liaison between cable providers and subscribers, and helps to resolve subscriber problems.

Some duties and responsibilities of the OCCCC as set forth in the Cable Communications Ordinances (Orion Township #80, Village of Lake Orion #16.05) are:

  • Negotiate with prospective franchise applicants.
  • Establish general policy relating to community programming channels (Public, Education, and Government, (PEG) channels).
  • Encourage the use of PEG channels by institutions, groups, and individuals within the Township and Village.
  • Provide for the administration, management, and operation of the PEG channels and public access facilities and equipment.
  • Conduct evaluations of the cable system and make recommendations regarding amendments to the Cable Communications ordinances.
  • Review the performance of franchisees and report franchise violations to Orion Township and the Village of Lake Orion.
  • Make recommendations to Orion Township and the Village of Lake Orion with regard to franchise renewal or possible acquisition of the cable system by Orion Township and the Village of Lake Orion.
  • Approve or reject proposed transfers of ownership or control of the cable system.
  • Prepare an annual budget to be approved by joint resolution of Orion Township and the Village of Lake Orion.
  • Prepare an annual report.

Orion Neighborhood Television (ONTV) is the non-profit corporation that OCCCC has contracted with to manage the public, education, and government access channels (Comcast channel 10, 20, 22; AT&T channel 99) and the public access facility and equipment. For more information about ONTV, visit their website at www.orionontv.org.